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  Tuesday, December 12, 2017  
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2002 Title bar


U17 Tier 2 - 2002(X) Boys

Indoor 2017-18 Evaluations

Mon, Aug 28 (7:15-8:45pm) - Tipaskin School Fields

Tue, Aug 29 (7:15-8:45pm) - Tipaskin School Fields (cxl'd)

Thu, Aug 31 (7:15-8:45pm) - Tipaskin School Fields (cxl'd)

(Tipaskin School Fields located at 1200 Lakewood Road S)


As of Mon, Aug 28th, it appears the Juventus 02X Boys team will not be forming.  Coach Jimmy Bustos has resigned.  We thank Jimmy for his many years of coaching at Juventus, with the 99G's and 02XB's, and wish him much success in his new coaching pursuits.  Players interested in playing 02B soccer at Juventus are asked to contact Rob at rmosele@telus.net or Martin at martin_andersen_5@hotmail.com.


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